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Recomp is the peak body for the Body Recomposition Industry, separating it from the disreputable Fitness industry. Recomp defines the standards of professional practice for Body Recomposition Specialists. And we provide body recomposition services direct to the public.

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  • Damon is a contrarian on a number of levels and he’s pretty much right all the time

    Karl Scott
  • If you want results, you need Damon and his team. Mediocrity is not in their vocabulary

    Michael Hills
  • The knowledge that Damon installs in his staff translate into client results that are hard to be believed.

    Steve Soars
  • A muscle bound design afficionado with… a massive work ethic with laser focus.

    Karl Scott
  • Damon and the crew are second to none for knowledge, intensity, and comprehensive service

    Matt Wilson
  • Damon is a consumate professional and extremely dedicated to his life philosophy.

    Richard Robinson
  • I hope you are lucky enough to experience his services. I am truly thankful that I did. He changed my life.

    Adrian Barkus
  • Damon is a true expert and pioneer in the science of radical body recomposition

    Rob Arnolda
  • Damon’s professionalism allows jobs to be performed successfully 

    Nishi Pakkiyaretnam

Recomp HQ

I created Recomp HQ for everything Recomp: diets, programs, medicine, coaching, certification, software, equipment and more.

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Recomp HQ Coaching Studio
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