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Why You Should NOT Do Cardio


“Cardio” is, by definition, exercise to remedy heart disease. Despite baffling widespread misconceptions, the term “cardiovascular exercise” does not mean, imply or suggest the improvement of body composition in athletes; nor does it mean the ability to perform well in endurance or aerobic activities. Adding ‘cardio’ to the training regime of any athlete (or serious trainer) is one of the worst mistakes anybody could make. Read more

Appalling Fitness Australia Failure Painted as Success

‘Fitness’ is not equal or better than sport; it is lower, lesser and worse. To be ‘fit’ is, by definition, the least a person needs to be before getting into sport. So why is Fitness Australia celebrating swathes of Australians reducing themselves from athletes to fitness?
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Training Injuries from the Recomp Method

Injuries occur by doing a movement in a manner that is inappropriate for you. It is never because of weight. If a weight is genuinely too heavy, and you try to lift it properly, you simply cannot lift it. You don’t get injured by not lifting something.
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Why is Olympic Lifting Treated Differently?


The Olympic Lifts could be viewed as the most ludicrously cheated deadlift-upright-row-standing-presses possible. But nobody criticises the bad form, lack of muscular involvement or the injury potential of the olympic lifts. Instead, people respect that the olympic lifts require more precise form, skill and athleticism than any other barbell exercise.

If an athlete were to regularly injure themselves on a clean & jerk or a snatch, people would correctly recognise that the athlete was at fault. And if a coach tried preaching that the olympic lifts should always be performed slowly with light weights because injury cannot be avoided otherwise, they would rightly be recognised as horribly incompetent.

There are ways to lift heavy weights, safely and consistently for dramatically more rapid strength and muscle development, to a level that would be unobtainable otherwise. And then there are ways to not lift heavy weights because performance would be inconsistent and/or injury would eventuate.

Anybody who warns against ever lifting heavy due to the inevitability of injury is stating that they are completely incompetent and that the form they teach is injurious an inappropriate for making progress on. Avoid their advice!

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