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Damon Hayhow Podcast Part 2: blood tests in bodybuilders

Part 2 of the Damon Hayhow Podcast about interpreting blood tests in bodybuilders. This episode discusses the Full Blood Exam, Iron Studies, Prostate Specific Antigen tests and haemochromatosis hysteria.

My Experience with Hardcore Bodybuilder Training

For several months I was struggling to focus on my training for a variety of reasons. I still trained every week and I trained hard and heavy when I did. But when you measure your performances like I do it makes it very hard to lie to yourself that you aren’t going backwards when the numbers prove that you are, in fact, going backwards. So I decided to do something new just to do something new. Ideally I needed to change my training so that I COULD lie to myself that I wasnt going backwards, and not know otherwise. So I decided to do bodybuilder training. Read more

The Damon Hayhow Podcast: Understanding Blood Tests Part 1

In this episode I explain the standard Liver Function Test (LFT) and Lipid Profile Test from the perspective of a bodybuilder, and why typical explanations by GP’s are generally ridiculous, hysterical nonsense. (Specific info starts at 3:18)

muscle damage
muscle damage

Muscle Damage; The Key to Muscle Growth?

It is true that hard, effective, progressive weight training may result in muscle damage. But that doesn’t mean that achieving muscle damage by any means makes what you did effective and progressive ‘training’. Unfortunately, some academics have invented this flawed, ignorant theory, resulting in more misdirection of weight trainers.

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Why Studies are More Dishonest Than Lies

Here is a published study a client/friend has referred which is an excellent example of how utterly useless and irrelevant studies are:
The message people extract from this study is that every level of low carbohydrate diet always causes everybody to suffer from low testosterone when training hard on any exercise modality. And that means less training gainz, brah.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

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