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Muscle Damage; The Key to Muscle Growth?

muscle damage

It is true that hard, effective, progressive weight training may result in muscle damage. But that doesn’t mean that achieving muscle damage by any means makes what you did effective and progressive ‘training’. Unfortunately, some academics have invented this flawed, ignorant theory, resulting in more misdirection of weight trainers.

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Why Studies are More Dishonest Than Lies

Here is a published study a client/friend has referred which is an excellent example of how utterly useless and irrelevant studies are:
The message people extract from this study is that every level of low carbohydrate diet always causes everybody to suffer from low testosterone when training hard on any exercise modality. And that means less training gainz, brah.
Nothing could be further from the truth!

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Why Scientifically Proven Means It Isn’t

“Scientifically proven” does not mean something WILL happen. It usually means that the opposite sometimes happens; or that often nothing happens. It virtually never, ever means you can absolutely guarantee something will occur for you.

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Why You Should NOT Do Cardio


“Cardio” is, by definition, exercise to remedy heart disease. Despite baffling widespread misconceptions, the term “cardiovascular exercise” does not mean, imply or suggest the improvement of body composition in athletes; nor does it mean the ability to perform well in endurance or aerobic activities. Adding ‘cardio’ to the training regime of any athlete (or serious trainer) is one of the worst mistakes anybody could make. Read more

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